Health insurance

Health insurance

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You can use the health insurance you have privately or through work with us.

Do you have health insurance?

Do you have health insurance privately or through work?

Most health insurances that are currently offered by the large companies often also include a treatment insurance.

The conditions vary, but often up to 24 treatments a year can be covered by e.g. a physiotherapist and osteopath and often without a referral - at this point the insurance companies operate differently. This means that when you as a health insurance customer experience ailments, you don't necessarily have to go to a doctor for treatment, but contact your insurance company directly who will help you further.

Who do we work with?

As of today, we work with most insurance companies which offer treatment insurance.

DNB, Storebrand, Sparebank1 forsikring, Protector, Codan Forsikring og If/ Vertikal Helse

How to proceed?

1. When the injury/problem occurs, you contact the insurance company you have taken out private health insurance with or the one you have through your job.

2. The insurance company will give you a case number and assign your case a number of treatments. How many treatments you receive depends on your company, type of insurance policy and damage.

3. Some insurance companies send this information directly to us, but if this does not happen, you must include this when you come to us for the first time.

4. Once you have received a case number, you can call us to book an appointment. In some cases, the insurance company even does that for you.

If you have any questions, please contact your insurance company or ask us when you come to your treatment.

If you have a health insurance you can use treatments with osteopath Dorothia (Osteopathy). Soleus is located in central Oslo by Alexander Kielland Square with good bus connections and parking in the street.

Find out if you have health insurance through work!

If you don't have this treatment insurance in your private health insurance, check with your workplace.

More and more companies are seeing the profitability of offering health insurance to their employees, as physiotherapy / osteopathy can help reduce sickness absence. This allows you to quickly get back to everyday life again if you become ill or injured.

Do you have questions? Contact us, we are happy to help you!